African Research and Economic Development Consultants Ltd (AFREDEC) is a consultancy firm that was incorporated in Kenya under CAP 486 of the Laws of Kenya as a Limited Company in October 2014. AFREDEC was established with an objective of providing quality and insightful research and consultancy services in the agriculture and rural development, finance and economic development, water and irrigation, energy and social (including health and education) sectors in Africa.

AFREDEC have its main offices at SK Offices Block A Suite No. A4. Raphta Road, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya. AFREDEC also has linkages with other consulting firms and individuals in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi, Zambia, Nigeria and Ethiopia.

AFREDEC brings together a wealth of professional skills and experience gained by its staff and associates over the years through involvement in many different consultancies and development projects within East Africa and the African continent at large. The staff and associates have worked extensively for clients in the public (Government), private, and civil society (INGOs and NGOs), international organizations, research institutes, universities etc. in East Africa and elsewhere in Africa.

Extensive multisectoral knowledge means that we are able to meet the objectives and expectations of the broad spectrum of our clients and stakeholders. Our staff and associates have worked on local and internationally funded projects improving our joint awareness of needs and objectives of the donors/financiers.